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The most noteworthy visual element in your branding is the LOGO. And that is how you are going to grab the attention of your audience.

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We give you exceptional, out of the world, artistic and modern ideas and designs for your Logo at an insanely low cost – Remember the name “Creative Website Studio”.

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Good designs mean better response

A good logo design is what cannot be easily forgotten. Right now, everyone of us remember the logo designs of at least 10 bug brands.

How have they managed to do this? Simply by creating a logo design that instantly resonated with the audience and also what they do. We design Logo with our heart and pour all the ingredients of catchiness in it.

  • Simple and Creative
  • Original and Unique
  • Visually Appealing, Eye-catching
  • Bespoke Designs
Qualities of our Logo Designs

Our Logo designs cover it all

What are the top qualities of a Good Logo design?

First of all, a good logo always reflects originality. You can take inspiration from anywhere but it is not necessary that the design also looks similar.

We have an amazingly huge collection of ideas of logo designs and categories. Be it a 3D logo or a futuristic one, we have all the designs for you.

  • Vintage Logo Designs
  • 3D logo design
  • Art and Abstract Logo
  • Modern Logo Designs
Why Choose us?

Because we have unlimited options

Having all the categories and types of logos we are still open for new ideas. If you come up with something out of the box, we will definitely help you visualize and then materialize it until it is in the final form. So, this is something that makes our Logo designing options unlimited.

Why a Custom Logo?

If you are not into any of the categories mentioned and want a brand-new logo design that no one has ever seen. We provide you a chance to start it from the scratch. A logo design that no one has imagined except you.

Custom Logo Design

You can give us your brief in any way that you like. A rough sketch on paper, or even an inspiration from a big brand’s logo. Then we find the best possible matches for your description and design for you several mockups which you can pick from.

Something different

We never run out of creativity with our logo designers. We have gathered the talent from all around the world. From USA to India, From Ukraine to China, we have all the designers and artists that understand the different needs of different customers.

Affordable yet Creative

At CWS, you don’t have to worry about affordability. We have the best low-cost solutions for your Logo design ideas. And yes, your logo will never look cheap if you are getting it designed by us.

Our Work

Explore our amazing work

Let’s have a look at our interesting portfolio of Logo designing services. Our customers have given us some challenges and we have always reciprocated in a more better way.

More reasons to choose us.

There are numerous reasons to rely on us for your Logo design

We never leave our customers in the middle of anything. We let you make your mind fist, then decide for yourself to go with us for the Logo design that you have been thinking about. Our Logo design possess the following qualities.

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Bold and Vivid

If a business has a poorly designed logo or dull colors, it is possible that the target audience will not want to look at it for more than 2 seconds.


If you own a big brand and your logo can not adapt the seasonal color schemes and theme, it is not a versatile logo.


At first glance, a logo should be able to penetrate into the subconscious of the audience. That is our idea of a memorable logo.


There should be no attachments with a specific time period in a logo in order to be timeless. Make it timeless with our creativity.


We are admired by our Clients

We want you to know how we are admired and considered by our beloved clients and commercial business people.

They deserve much more appreciation than a simple review. They made my ordinary business into a full functional BRAND. From Logo design to symbolization, everything was included in a nifty Logo package. You Guys Rock.

- Harriet M

If you are not sure what category your logo falls in, Ask them. They have an amazing customer support and design team. My logo was not the only thing that was creative, they even provided me branding solutions that I had not though of.

- Aimee B

They deserve much more appreciation than a simple review. They made my ordinary business into a full functional BRAND. From Logo design to symbolization, everything was included in a nifty Logo package. You Guys Rock

- Harriet M

Never Fail at your first impression

Make your first impression the BEST one with our modern logo designs

As they say, first impression is the last impression. Well, even if someone failed at their first impression, we have them covered as well. With our Art design and Modern logo ideas, you can re brand your business and have it all back.

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